The President 's Position Is The Most Powerful Leader Of Our Nation Essay example

The President 's Position Is The Most Powerful Leader Of Our Nation Essay example

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Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone that traveled near and far to be with me here today. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated and valued. Time is a precious entity that must not be wasted so let’s get down to business. We are all here for a reason, if not many reasons. It is once again time to choose who the next leader of our nation will be. The President’s position is the most powerful office in the Free World. Through its leadership emerges hope and a better life for the people of America. The president’s job, in my opinion, is to focus on ensuring that the quality of life, freedom, and security of the people in America. The Executive Branch decides upon the most crucial issues that occur and arise over the four years in office. Over the last few presidential elections in America there has been disappointment, whether it be from either the Republican or Democratic people, because of the candidates and results of these elections. No election has benefited both parties, nor has it satisfied the needs of all Americans. The main reason for this is because of partisan polarization. This is when Republicans become more and more conservative and Democrats become more and more liberal. The people, rather than remaining united in one nation, have divided themselves into either party resulting in ambiguities between the American people and politics. The main issues of today—immigration, gay rights, racial issues, religion, economy, police brutality—along with the incompatible parties, have caused our citizens to turn against one another rather than unite together to solve these problems. Our nation could soon come to another Civil War, yet this time it will be republicans against democrats, if someone does not step up and...

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... people want to hear about, even though it is among one of the most important. If we continue to stay on this damaging path that we are on, we will soon not have a country or people in our country to look after. By addressing this issue, we can all help create a safer world for us and future generations to live in.
All of these things cannot be done by one person alone. That is why I plan to work not only with all citizens of America, but also my running mate, Paul Ryan. He is sophisticated, young, very intelligent, and he will help propel us towards a brighter future. He has some skills and knowledge that I lack, which is why I believe that we would make a great team. Our beliefs differ in some ways, which will help us bring together the differing beliefs of all Americans. Together, along with you all, we will unite and create the America we all want to be a part of.

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