The Presentations of Women in the Romantic Period Essay

The Presentations of Women in the Romantic Period Essay

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Evaluate and respond to the presentations of women in the Romantic period. Feel free to discuss presentations of women, by women (such as Austen’s Persuasion) as well as presentations of women by men (such as the “she” in Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty”). Consider the following questions: are these presentations problematic? What do they tell us about the values and briefs of the Romantic Period? Do any of these presentations subvert (complicate, or call into questions) the time’s notions of femininity?
In the early 19th century there were two different period’s Age of Reason (ending) and the Romantic period (beginning). The Age of Reason was the highest ideals about life, art and literature were the only things they mainly focused on. The industrial revolution was the biggest turning point of England creating factories jobs, bring wealth and prosperity to the country. On the website, stated that “young people over Europe thought freedom and equality was very important.”
During the Romantic Period, women did not have any voice on politics issues, were household wives, and had no voting rights. But, what is the real role of the women? A woman was treated as a piece of property and their only jobs was to stay at home and take care of the house chores and their children. Many writers like Austen and Byron had two different ideas about the romantic women. But, what were the real views of these two author’s towards women in the Romantic era?
Jane Austen wrote only about the world she knew, because she only lived in small villages on the south of England. Austen wrote about the normal daily life of women of her age and class. During the lifetime of Austen, she wrote about six books, but the book “Persuasion” by Jane Austen...

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