Essay on The Present State Of The United States

Essay on The Present State Of The United States

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The Present State of Immigration In The United States

Currently the immigration policy in the United States is a very broken one. However it can be fixed, with policy reform. Refugees and immigrants face different challenges. Refugees must sometimes wait years for a chance to become an American citizen. While Mexican immigrants must risk their lives attempting to cross our borders. Because of the present immigration policies in the United states, people must resort to life threatening alternatives to escape their situation.
The difficulty Mexican immigrants must face is one that many may not know. For a Mexican immigrant to apply for a citizenship. They must sometimes spend high amounts of money on immigration lawyers, and wait many years to get a response. Some of these people are living in dangerous areas. Which makes time a valuable thing. A high number of these Mexican people, who want to become American citizens. May attempt to get here illegally. Usually this is a very dangerous thing. Families may have to deal with dangerous smugglers called coyotes.
When a Mexican wants to be illegally transported across the border, they must hire a person called a coyote. Sometimes these coyotes are affiliated with cartels and can be very dangerous. People will spend a high amount of money to these coyotes and may never even see the smuggler again. Some coyotes have been known to take their clients near the border and kill them for their money. Obviously this can be a very dangerous option for attempting to enter the country. But families sometimes may be willing to take these risks just to get into the country.
The stigma of Mexican migrants attempting to cross our borders is one that is not true. Many people believe that the majorit...

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...le you accuse them of being affiliated with. Third we must change how our country views immigration. This whole country is made up of immigrants, if you look back it seems like as a society we forget that sometimes. We can not hate what we are. Fourth we must try to abolish any racist ideals towards immigrants based on their skin color or religion.
To do these things we must decide to come together as a country to change for the greater good. What kind of world do you want to leave for your children? A world of hate and intolerance? Or a world of peace and togetherness? Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change. These issues will not go away overnight. But I believe that as a country we can resolve these issues and make our country better than it has ever been. Togetherness is the key, and we can get nothing done if we are against each other.

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