Premarin: A Prescription for Cruelty Essay

Premarin: A Prescription for Cruelty Essay

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Introduction and Background
The drug Premarin, a drug used to relieve symptoms of menopause in women, is made by harvesting the urine of pregnant horses. Premarin Farms, which are called PMU farms for short, are the site where this takes place. The mares are hooked up to rig that collects their urine throughout most of their pregnancy, which leaves them practically immobile. PMU farmers collect several different equine conjugated hormones found in the pregnant mares’ urine to make Premarin, which includes drugs such as Prempro, Premphase, Premelle, and Prempac. Some farms treat their horses with the upmost respect, and give them the proper vet care and food that they need, while on other farms, the horses are not quite that lucky. There have been allegations of the abuse of horses on these PMU farms for years, yet most farms haven’t been forced to change their horrible ways.
Premarin farms have been around for a long time, and started off with a booming industry. According to, Premarin was first introduced for women in 1942 for hormone therapy in menopause and was one of the first on the market (Premarin, 1996). The living conditions at some farms are horrible. According to the website, Last Chance for Animals, at some farms, when the mares are three to four months pregnant are placed into tiny stalls and rigged with a harness and urine collecting bag (Horses, n.d.). These pregnant horses are not allowed to more around, let alone lay down and rest their tired legs for the last 7 and 8 months of their pregnancy until they are ready to deliver. The horses do not get shoes on their feet, and there is no bedding put down to protect the horses from the concrete (Horses, n.d.). They also do not receive adequate water be...

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