The Prayer Of The Synagogue Essay

The Prayer Of The Synagogue Essay

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fall on Friday, so that everyone would have more than enough for the holy day""(The Nature of Shabbat, 2012, p.5). As any other holiday, Shabbat comprises a series of detailed religious rules and prayers. Its celebration is also connected to preservation of very old traditions.
One of the rules, attending service in synagogue. The synagogue is Jewish church where people come to pray. It is the place where Jews come together for community prayer services. Each synagogue has a cantor, who leads the prayers. When he says something, the people knows what they should be saying. For the most part of the Service, the people will wait for the cantor to prompt them to move on to the next piece. Before going to the synagogue, I learned a little bit about Jewish traditions. I thought that this is the usual church like it was in Russia. In a Russian church, men must remove the headpiece. I was very surprised when I saw men wear a striped white shawl that covered their shoulders, men and boys were covered their heads, using a kippah or some other type of hat. Girls and women were dressed modestly, wearing skirts that fall below the knee. A synagogue is also a house of study. A synagogue has a library of sacred Jewish texts for members of the community to study. It is also the place where children receive their basic religious education. The portion of the synagogue where prayer services are performed is commonly called the sanctuary. Synagogues in the United States are generally designed so that the front of the sanctuary is on the side towards Jerusalem, which is the direction that we are supposed to face when reciting certain prayers. “Probably the most important feature of the sanctuary is the Ark, a cabinet or recession in the wall tha...

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...hat people may not do on Shabbat including driving, turning on or off lights or operating electrical appliances.
At the end of the dinner, Rachel’s husband said, “Our sages tell us that the Shabbat is a “queen,” whose regal presence graces every Jewish home for the duration of the Shabbat day. For this reason, we scrub our bodies, dress our finest and make sure our homes are in tip-top shape on Friday afternoon. According to the Talmud, we actually receive a special additional soul every Shabbat” (Personal Interview). Sabbat is given special status as a holy day at the very beginning of the Torah. The Shabbat is the most important festival of the Jewish calendar and is celebrated at least fifty-two times a year. Jews celebrate the Sabbath because it is believed that God rested on the seventh day. Jews also celebrate Sabbat because of the exodus from slavery in Egypt.

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