Essay on The Powers Of Different Presidents

Essay on The Powers Of Different Presidents

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When looking at the powers of different presidents, you have to look at their responsibilities and what power they actually have when it comes to decision making. Both the Iranian and American presidents have two different presidential powers, formal and informal. Formal powers are ones that are written into the constitution and have to be upheld by anyone who comes into power, for example both presidents can sign treaties with foreign countries. Informal power are not explicitly written into the constitution (1), but are done by the president, for example being persuasive, this is a power they need to use because that is how they will gain the presidential role, by persuading the public and to make international treaties they need to use the tool to gain the upper hand and get what they want. However, looking at the types of power and responsibility is not enough, the political system of the country plays a part in how much power each president has as well because the system could either hinder or enhance their powers and responsibilities.
Formal powers of the presidency are powers that are written into the constitution of the country and all presidents have the responsibility of implementing the constitution. The American president, currently Barack Obama, has Executive powers over the federal government and has powers to appoint ambassadors, the Cabinet, Justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the federal courts and is in control of the armed forces. In law making the president himself is only part of the process at the end of it, when it comes to enrolling it (3), he has the power to ‘forget about it’ because he has the power to leave it on his desk for 10 days and then have it put through the process again. This shows that ...

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...e powers of two different presidents because the American president is the highest ranked in the political system unlike in the Iranian system where the Supreme Leader. If one was to compare the Supreme Leader and the American president, they would have more in common and the Supreme Leader would have more power compared to the American president. However, by comparing both presidents you can see that the American president has more power compared to the Iranian president because he has final say on whatever happens and can veto policies he may not agree with, while the Iranian president cannot do that. This does not mean that he is not important because he is, Rouhani is the face of Iran on the International front much like Obama is for the USA, but unlike Obama, Rouhani doesn’t have the same amount of control and power Obama does when it comes to his own country.

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