The Poverty Of The Middle Class Essay

The Poverty Of The Middle Class Essay

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In a perfect society, all people would be treated with the same amount of equality. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The world that we live in today is tremendously unequal between the wealthy, the poor and really, everything in between. According to William Hogwarth, the class of poor people is extremely large in comparison to those who would be considered “well-to-do” (Hogwarth 548). This constantly growing epidemic has been an issue for centuries. In the past, poverty has been something that has been hard to illuminate due to lack of technology; now, it is difficult, still, to illuminate because of the continuous increase in population. In fact, today, there are 7.3 billion people and around 80% of these people are considered poor and need financial help in someway (Current 1) (Poverty 1). this financial crisis continues, our world may only be the extremely rich and the extremely poor; the middle class will be eliminated entirely. The issues that come with inequality will be forever damaging to our society. Every person should be treated equally because, as philosophers have said for years, we are all humans and all deserve the same amount of respect.
The indigence that results from the amount of poor has created a stereotype, one that may be offensive and considered ruthless. This issue is especially prominent in the 18th century, particularly in 1751, when the Gin Act was passed in London, England (The Wealth). Purchasing alcohol in general was limited; one was limited to purchasing only extremely cheap gin. At this time poverty has taken a toll on the population, and some would even choose the alcohol over food. William Hogwarth dramatizes in his piece, Gin Lane (see figure 1), showing how the horrific poverty and depri...

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.... With failed attempts and failure to try other solutions, the main question from all of the inequality is one that has yet to be answered; will there ever be an equal society? With such a struggle to make any changes it is doubtful that any full time solutions will arise soon. People are greedy when it comes to money and helping others. The higher you are in the social levels, the greedier you may become (Gandhi 563). When people, for example, President Obama, try to help they are shut down by the everlasting selfishness of the citizens that would be considered the top 20% that are living the “well-to-do” life (Poverty 2). Without a clear solution soon, global destruction may be coming our way. Just based on the fact that we are all maltreated by one another. This world should be equal and we are all humans so the equality and respect levels should all be the same.

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