Essay on Poverty And Social Exclusion Analysis

Essay on Poverty And Social Exclusion Analysis

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Poverty and social exclusion have continued to pose major challenges to governments all over the world. Poverty is a global phenomenon which affects all states at different levels and is not limited to the developing countries only. Both poverty and social exclusion are conditions relating to the denial of or absence of opportunities and resources, this affects participation in society on equal terms with others. The affected individuals are often in situations where ordinary basic needs for survival are denied or cannot be acquired. (Vienna declaration 1993)
This report will proffer a critical evaluation of the concepts of poverty and social exclusion. Firstly, it will explain what poverty and social exclusion are and also analyse the relationship between them. Secondly, the essay will explain relevant policies enacted to tackle the issues and also debate the effectiveness of these policies, this will be related to a geographical region (Wolverhampton). Wolverhampton is in the west midlands of the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that there is a relationship between these concepts (social exclusion and poverty) but does living in a particular region necessarily lead to poverty and/or social exclusion? Do Government policies and ideologies contribute negatively to certain geographical regions thereby leading to poverty? All these questions will be discussed with an emphasis on the year 2010-2015 of the coalition government. (Joanna.2016)
What is poverty?
Poverty is when your resources are far below your minimum basic needs. Poverty does not have a specific definition. A household is said to be living in poverty if its income is below 60%of the median total household income. The concept of poverty can be described from two angles...

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...engage with, leading to errors and delays. The introduction of Universal credit has not made the situation any better. The existing cuts already have a negative effect on the people and a majority of the people is on the breadline. The people most affected by poverty and social exclusion include the women, the disabled, the ethnic minorities, the lone parent, and the unemployed. (Alcock.1987 and JRF 2016)
• The high cost of living which includes housing: To be considered as living in poverty one's resources must be far below those required to meet minimum needs. When it becomes difficult or impossible in some cases to relate resources to the cost then there is a problem. The high cost of living causes poverty. With reference to Wolverhampton, the cost of living is increasing and the benefits /income is not. People have fewer resources for their basic needs.(JRF 2016)

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