Poverty and Health in Somalia and Africa Essay

Poverty and Health in Somalia and Africa Essay

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Africa has many issues going on, but the one issue in specific that I am going to talk about is the poverty and health of Somalia, and the whole of Africa. Somalia is the poorest country in the world and they have a very weak health system. Africa is also not doing very well economically. Africa is the poorest Continent in the world. Every single one of the top ten poorest countries is in Africa.
First, off I am going to talk about the health system. Here are some quick facts about the health of the people in Africa. The first fact, the average life expectancy is just 51 years. The highest life expectancy rate in Africa is 76.31. The lowest life expectancy in Africa is 49.07 . Also, a third of all children under the age of five are under fed, or what some people call “malnourished”. The only place where you can get decent health services is in the urban parts of Africa, or the bigger cities in Africa. Even there, the health services are very minimal and the likely hood of a getting ill is still pretty high. The water and resources in Africa are not very safe, except for the major cities like Egypt, South Africa, and Madagascar.
The reason for poor healthcare and the fact that they can’t problems is because the infrastructure of Africa is terrible, which relates to the fact that they are such a poor country. You need to have money to keep your country running well, and Africa doesn’t have very much money. It is pretty rare to find an urban area because 45 percent of the population is nomadic. Nomadic people don’t settle and create cities and develop cities, they just keep moving around.
Then, if you get one of the major diseases that go around Africa then your chances of getting good healthcare and getting healed are not...

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