Essay on Postpartum Of Postpartum And Mortality

Essay on Postpartum Of Postpartum And Mortality

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Postpartum is crucial for both mother and baby because of the high mortality and morbidity prevalence in that period. These diseases and deaths are preventable by effective health care and giving information/education to mothers/parents. While early postpartum problems can be noticed quickly at the hospital by midwives/nurses, late postpartum warning signals may not be detected easily by mothers after discharging from the hospital. My argument is that it is important to provide quality postpartum education to mothers in order to reduce postpartum mortality and morbidity. This is because postpartum discharge education is vital for sustaining the mothers ' and babies ' wellbeing and for early diagnosis of the diseases. During education, cooperation between health professionals and parents plays a vital role in minimising problems, and health professionals should give comprehensive information to parents during hospitalisation for early identification of problems following discharge.

Postpartum period or puerperium start afterwards of delivery of the placenta and continues for six weeks. While puerperium finishes after six weeks, postpartum care can proceed for six months (World Health Organization (WHO) , 1998). Early postpartum period is the first 24 hours after delivery of the placenta. In that time complications can be observed easily by caregivers at the hospital. These hours have high importance for both mother and newborn health. ' 'Half of all maternal deaths and 40% of neonatal deaths occur during the first 24 hours after childbirth. WHO (2015) therefore recommends that the mother and her newborn should be observed in the health facility for at least 24 hours before discharge ' '. Women 's vaginal bleeding, bladder, bowels...

... middle of paper ... reasons, could be delayed by six hours of birth. Appropriate clothing for ambient temperature is recommended. Hats/caps and one to two layers of clothes more than adults could be used for clothing.
The baby and mother should stay in the same room 24 hours a day.
Parents should talk, play and spend time together with newborn.
Immunisation guidelines should be given to prosecute timetable easily.

Maternal nutrition (WHO, 1998)
Nutrition has direct effect on maternal and infant health during pregnancy, puerperium and lactation. To cover the energy cost in lactation mother 's intake should be increased. Inadequate intake of foods or their impaired absorption may lead to iodine deficiency disorders, vitamin A deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia.
Ensuring regular intake of appropriate foods or giving supplements to mother and infant could prevent or treat disorders.

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