Positive and Negative Characteristics of Two Horse Boarding Facilities in Colorado

Positive and Negative Characteristics of Two Horse Boarding Facilities in Colorado

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There are more than one hundred fifty horse boarding facilities in the state of Colorado. Everyone has their own way of looking at what things are good about one boarding facility and what is bad about it. Also everyone has their own way of running their boarding facility and how to set things up. There is not one boarding facility that is run the same as another one. For the sake of these two farms they will not be named, they will be referred to as by farm one and farm two. The way that Farm One is run better than farm two is run because it is safer for horses, it is safer for humans, and the food and water are better.
The number one thing that is focused on when someone boards a horse is the horse’s safety. This is the most important thing because it will allow the owner to be able to ride your horse or be away from them without worrying about if they are safe and healthy or not. People expect the manager to make sure that the horses are as safe as possible.
One of the most important things to keep a horse safe is the grounds and footing. According to Tina Wright “The riding arena at Farm One is the correct depth as to where Farm Two’s arena is very uneven” (Wright). This is a huge issue because then someone could be riding a horse and the horse could twist their ankle wrong, trip and fall, and possibly break something. If a horse does happen to break a bone, and especially one of their legs, then depending on the severity of the break sometimes they can be saved, but you may have to euthanize the horse because the healing process would take too long and either way is either a lot of money or not something that anyone wants to go through. “The arena at Farm One is maintained and gets drug (which means leveled and groomed) dail...

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...s per horse per month” (Wright). This is a big factor because then you are only paying for so much at Farm Two but at Farm One you are paying a lot more but you get more amenities and things to keep you and your horse safe and healthy. That is what some people would say why the way Farm Two is run is better than how Farm One is run.
So there is one opinion on why the way Farm One is run is better then how Farm Two is run. Also it talks about why Farm One is run better than Farm Two and what makes it better. Also it shows one way of looking to see if a boarding facility is safe or not. Now remember that not all boarding facilities are run the same so most if not all of them are going to be different then these two. This explained why Farm One is run better than farm two is run because it is safer for horses, it is safer for humans, and the food and water are better.

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