Essay on The Political Organization Of Groups

Essay on The Political Organization Of Groups

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Contrast the political organization of either a band, tribe or chiefdom with the political organization of the U.S.
Political systems are used to define the economic and social obligations and privileges of the members of society relative to one another. The power one holds and the organization of these political systems vary. On type of political organization is bands. These are the simplest form. These were used in early times of political structure. Bands are defined as small groups that migrate seasonally. Bands are divided into two groups. Simple bands and composite bands. A simple band usually ranges from twenty to fifty people, all of which are extended family. Economically, this type of band is self-sufficient. Leadership is based on influence. Composite bands are also self-sufficient, but consist of several extended families, numbering from fifty to several hundred people. This form of band has Big-man of leadership, which is also based on influence (Peoples&Bailey, 2015, p.272-275).
The political organization of bands are very different from the political organization of the U.S. The United States is a federal constitutional republic. Powers are shared between the President, Congress, and judiciary. The state governments also share sovereignty with the state governments. While most of the time bands lack any political structure capable of organizing the residence groups into a single unit for collective actions, the United States political organization does. Given the large difference between the number of individuals, one way the United States does this is through taxes. Every American pays taxes and contributes into one action. Another difference between the political organization of bands and the political organiza...

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...are expected, therefore they will have a huge disadvantage.
Minorities have a disadvantage in school, because “in the early grades, schools are best set up for reinforcing and practicing what children have already learned at home” (McDermott&Gospodinoff, 1981, p. 227). Many teachers and school systems do not understand this huge issue. They place the minorities in lower classes due to this. Three positions on learning were described. Only one of which all students got equal opportunities to speak and learn. The children who were less educated were in the groups with the positioning of the unequal opportunity to learn. This leads to those children never reaching their capacity of intelligence. As minority children with a lesser education come to school, they are not offered proper opportunities, therefore they carry this issue with them throughout their whole life.

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