Essay on Police Ethics And Ethical Leadership

Essay on Police Ethics And Ethical Leadership

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Police Ethics and Ethical Leadership
An article written jointly by Mark Perez and Anthony H Normore, published in the Journal of California Law Enforcement discusses the growing concern that the public’s trust in law enforcement is at an all-time low due to the ethical choices that some of our leadership have been making and how we can improve the publics opinion of law enforcement and some of their unethical decisions. The purpose of their article is to share their thoughts on police leadership and ethic, they feel by having just one powerful confident police leader in a department it can have a positive impact on that police department by reducing the rate of misconduct. They also feel by having a police force with strong integrity and values will reduce the rate of misconduct and that it will improve the public image of the whole department.
As they pointed out in their article, Reducing Police Misconduct by Developing and Growing Ethical Leaders (Perez and Normore 2015) stated “Misconduct is typically an ethical failure. If we concede that we cannot teach adults to be ethical and that ethics training does not work we are left with the problem of hiring only those who are ethically pure.” Misconduct in law enforcement has many examples where leadership who started out with good moral character and then ended up going bad, this leads one to think are police departments having ethics training or are they being taught about ethics and if they are being taught is it in a way that it will be retained?
The global financial crisis in 2008 put unethical leadership into the spotlight and it was not in a favorable light. Unethical leadership in areas of political, industrial, religious, and public safety b...

... middle of paper ... (Perez and Normore 2015) go on to say “Leadership has to be about more than just a title or a position. If "every officer is a leader", then every officer can, and should, contribute to his or her organizational culture to help establish a positive, respected public image for their agency” then they go on to talk how training can improve the ethical values of employees if the training is done in the proper manner, they called the method of training that worked the best was “comprehensive ethics training”.
In my experience in the military if I was in a leadership position the type of ethics training that Mark and Anthony wright about is something I would look into. The way that they talk about how the training is conducted seems to be the way that military training is starting to be conducted in small groups, interactive, face-to-face and role playing.

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