Poetry Is The Everlasting Method Of Literature Essay

Poetry Is The Everlasting Method Of Literature Essay

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Poetry is the everlasting method of literature, and is used to portray emotions and stories in a much more in depth and descriptive style, as explained by Sir Joshua Reynolds, ‘Poetry operates by raising our curiosity, engaging the mind by degrees to take an interest in the event, keeping that event suspended, and surprising at last with an unexpected catastrophe.’

Welcome back, ladies and gentleman to Burning Poetry on Dare the Dream FM, I’m your host Gary, and today we will be discussing the importance of poetry in modern society. Let’s get going!

The values, ideas, attitudes, and techniques contained within poetry prove its longevity and importance in helping relate to and understand contemporary issues. Easter 1916, written by William B. Yeats, focuses on the importance of freedom and war, as its based on the Irish uprising against the British. Freedom and war are still a relevant issue as exemplified in the media through the conflicts in Syria and Middle East, which we hear about every day.

"Easter, 1916" is based on a moment in Irish history called Easter Uprising, which occurred in Dublin on the Easter weekend of 1916. This uprising began when England refused to give Ireland their independence in 1914 as World War 1 started. They promised to let them have independence after the war was over but the Irish decided to attack when England was weak.

‘Easter 1916’ recounts the bloodshed and poet’s perspective behind the Irish uprising in Dublin. In this particular poem, Yeats isn’t persuaded by the events and consistently refuses to acknowledge the sacrifice made by the soldiers fighting for his freedom. His view is exemplified in lines ‘He too, has resigned his part, In the casual comedy’, where the poet has used alliterat...

... middle of paper ...

...nizes this sacrifice made by the fighters either. Likewise, the main value present in the poem and in modern uprisings is the determination and compassion shown by the soldiers to be awarded with freedom. Their fixated passion on achieving this goal can be seen in those conflicts, even though these wars have continued for 5 years and are still going today. Therefore, the value of freedom, idea of fighting for freedom and attitude towards the soldiers in Easter 1916 still has relevance to modern times.

By utilizing a vast range of poetic Techniques, William B. Yeats crafted a poem that proves the relevance and importance of poetry in modern society. Even though the poem can be interpreted and analyzed in many ways the main value and theme found is the need for Freedom. Therefore, poetry will always find a way relate back to modern society, no matter how old the poem.

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