Essay on Poem Number 712 And Shakespeare 's Poem 13

Essay on Poem Number 712 And Shakespeare 's Poem 13

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Dickason’s poem number 712 and Shakespeare’s poem 13 both offer a look at death, its consequences, and its implications. Yet, the two poems have the incredible habit of both being the mirror image of each other as well as the polar opposite.
In opposition, the two poems have an opposite shift in tone and structure. Dickason’s poem seems to start out with a strong powerful tone that signifies a concurring and control of a passive delayed death. This powerful tone comes from phrasing starting on line one. The line starts with “because” signifying hat the speaker already understands and is explaining the situation putting them in a position of knowledge. This goes further revealing that “because I” signifying that the speaker is not only in the know they are also the one initiating that action as seen by the use of “I” as the subject of “because” (). Whereas “Death” is the object of “because” and, therefore, the passive recipient of the action of “I”. Yet, the line goes further by having “Death” right at the end of the first instead of jumping ahead with an enjambment to the prominent starter position of the next line. In this way, “Death” appears to be waiting for the “I” to impose its stipulations before finally appearing at the end of the line. This flows nicely into the next lines sentiment that “He kindly stopped for me” (). This second line makes it appear as though “I” is the cause of the action death takes not only saying it is “for me” but by also leaving the agent vague, “he”, so that the main focus of the line is on the specified individual “me” (). This leads to power because everything is done under the speaker’s terms and for the speaker.
On the other hand, Shakespeare’s poem starts with the inevitability and powerlessn...

... middle of paper ...

... speaker stole in the beginning by allowing “you” to have possession of the crucial information needed to defy death without defying death. It is revealed that “your son” which references back to the earlier mentioned “sweet issue,” which is a child (). The phrase “sweet issue” is further connected to defying of death by its placement in the poem, “Yourself again…/ when your sweet issue” (). It is “when” that connects these two lines which makes the sweet issue the cause of “yourself again” (). Bringing in the first lines, we see Shakespeare’s poem recognizes that death is inevitable but one can defy death going on their own terms by allowing their lineage to continue in their stead.
Here the mirroring is clearer. Both poems show that one may defy death in some regards but eventually one must die. In the end, their oppositional details still convey the same message.

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