Piquing Piracy Problems: Why Movie Piracy Harms Society

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Piquing Piracy Problems: Why Movie Piracy Harms Society One of the oldest and greatest past-times, all over the world, is going to the movies. Making an event out of something so simple is what makes it enjoyable. It’s a great option for a date night, family night, or a night out with friends. Over the past several years, movie prices have skyrocketed in every area from the tickets to buying candy and popcorn, some theaters even charge for parking and upgraded seating. Because going to the movies has become such an expensive option, people are opting to stay away from the theater, make their own popcorn, and watch a movie at home. For this reason, a new door has opened for any entrepreneur who wants to make a quick buck by pirating movies and hocking them in the street (along with a fake Rolex) or by streaming the stolen footage from behind a private IP address. To help prevent piracy, the law needs to be strictly enforced, society needs to stop contributing to the piracy business, and film companies can do their part too by helping to make going to the movies a more affordable option. First of all, fines for pirating movies are through the roof, and I believe they are absolutely necessary to help combat the urge to commit piracy; however, the lack of enforcement makes piracy especially appealing for these pirates and the law needs to be imposed on a stricter level. The general consensus is that people feel downloading and/or sharing a few pirated movies will not result in any legal troubles, and for the most part that is true. We rarely ever hear of someone getting in trouble for downloading a few movies, the stories always portray someone with thousands of titles that are in their possession. The second, and most contributing, factor in the growth of piracy is society’s role in cultivating the demand for this illicit market. In today’s economy, saving money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. When presented with the option to download a movie for free, or buy a pirated DVD from the local street salesman, the normal reaction is usually one of acceptance coupled with a feeling of a small victory in saving a few dollars. If the common knowledge was that the punishment for these items were considered just as criminal as black market kidneys and illegal drugs, then one would be more inclined to think twice before risking their freedom for such a small victory.

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