Essay about The Physical Layout Of A Building

Essay about The Physical Layout Of A Building

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The physical layout of a building can also communicate the culture of an organization. My facility does not appear to actively try to convey a message through the architecture, but the message of efficiency is communicated loud and clear. I work in a building with no real frills. The office spaces are unadorned except for a few company posters, plus the warehouse area is completely utilitarian. All space is used for the purpose of efficiently receiving and shipping groceries. Desks are sturdy but plain, chairs are simple and somewhat uncomfortable, and there are no decorations that don’t actively promote or explain Walmart history or organizational safety practices in some way.
Similarly, rules and policies of an organization convey a cultural message as well. One of the rules Walmart is most proud of is its open-door policy. Although not exclusive to Walmart, it has become a cornerstone of the culture of both facilities in which I have worked. Open-door allows associates to approach their manager or the level of management above the associate’s immediate supervisor without fear of repercussion. It is an important aspect of the “respect for the individual” policy mentioned earlier. Walmart has also offered same sex union insurance coverage for about a decade and offers diversity training and sustainability training through its intranet to empower its employees in the workforce if they choose to take advantage of these programs. These and several other curriculums are available to encourage the associates to feel empowered by the company and train them to “respect the individual.”
Lastly, rituals are a staple of a strong organizational culture. Rituals refer to repetitive activities that have a symbolic meaning within an organizati...

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...ack of a professional demeanor. Being aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it is a very important aspect of impression management.
Finally, behavioral impression management comes into play. Behavioral impression management is how one performs a job and how they interact with other people. Treating others with respect usually results in respect being returned. One of the operations managers in my facility wears sweater vests to work. When he transferred to a new shift, one of the managers he now found himself over also started wearing sweater vests. Later, a few more managers began to emulate this behavior. Unfortunately for the managers, the operations manager caught on and was not impressed. Shortly after he pointed out the new fashion craze that followed him to his new shift, it ended, and the managers had to find other ways to impress their new boss.

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