Essay on Philosophy Is A Method Through Dialectic Thinking And Time

Essay on Philosophy Is A Method Through Dialectic Thinking And Time

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In the Introduction of Philosophy course, our subject matter will be “idea.” Since Philosophy gives us a common outline, it is the ideas about a subject outlined a certain way. Furthermore, the way our ideas will be outlined are in a particular form called branches. Philosophy is a method through dialectic thinking and time. Dialectic thinking is the interplay of ideas to gain understanding, and in order to gain understanding, there has to be: 1) meaning, 2) implication, and 3) presupposition.
Humans differ from other animals in many ways. Biologically speaking, human beings are developed from one-celled animals and are known through evolution as Homo sapiens. Our development is much greater than that of other species because we are able to invent, make, and build items such as clothing, shuttles, and satellites. Secondly, we have values and more importantly, a moral conscience. Although other animals are able to sense what is right and wrong, our insight provides a much stronger sense of individuality and moral progress. Third, we possess aesthetic appreciation. Aesthetics is a major branch of value studies and is often shown through Art because of how widely it portrays imagination and appreciation. Lastly, only humans are aware of the past, which is known as history and we also share traditions. I believe this is the biggest difference between humans and other animals because it allows us to plan for what’s ahead, hoping to not repeat past mistakes, and make decisions that differentiate individuals from one another.
The term “self” refers to the part of us that persists through our personal experiences of our existence. It is the center of our own identity, and self-consciousness is the awareness by the self of the self....

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... order of nature, which is essential for scientific thinking. Indeterminism is the belief that personal decisions and choices that are made are independent. These decisions are depicted as spontaneous and goal-driven for nearby future possibilities. Mechanism, another theory of human freedom, is the view that everything is required to be explained through mechanical principles. It is also the view that is portrayed through laws that govern matter and motion. I believe that self-determination is the theory that may be correct because it is considered to be the middle road between determinism and freedom. It perceives that our environment does not affect us, however, we are the ones who create change within the environment. Human freedom, to me, is viewed much like this theory is represented because it is the center of creativity and has a degree of freedom of choice.

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