Personal Statement : Decorating The Christmas Tree Essay example

Personal Statement : Decorating The Christmas Tree Essay example

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Following this I have two weeks off school so I that can celebrate Christmas. I like Christmas mainly because of the food, by this time my little sister is five months old, my parents decided to call her Apphia, my mother told that me it meant fruitful. She’s crawling all over the house and has a huge problem with wearing clothes, it doesn’t matter whether it has buttons, a zip or a knot she always finds a way to take it off. I find it hilarious watching her run out in just diapers after my mum has spent the last half hour dressing her up but it’s winter so my mum decides to put her jumper on backwards so she can’t take it off, naturally Apphia tries but she struggles and ends up falling asleep because she’s used so much energy. Decorating the Christmas tree is my favourite part, this year I’d taken some tinsel from class which I use to wrap around the tree, we use the same baubles every year. Blowing the dust I see my distorted reflection in the silver baubles, my lips look huge so I put it aside. I hear a knock on the maindoor, peeping through the peephole I spot Auntie Kemi then hurridly open the door. She gives me a giant hug and I feel the coolness of the wine bottle on my back. “Hi sweetheart! How are you” she exclaims, “I’m fine Auntie” I replied, she leaves her bags on the floor before making her way to the living room and slamming her wine bottle in the middle of table.”Bami! bring me a glass” she requests, I struggle to drag her bags into the living room “Yes Auntie” I said when I arrived. Having Auntie Kemi around was like having a third parent until she has a glass of wine when I return back with the glass she’s taken her shoes off and spread herself across the sofa. The smell of food makes my stomach growl, I go to th...

... middle of paper ... being shouted so I make my way to the living room. “Pass me the remote” My mum says quietly. Scanning the room I see the remote on the computer table. All she has to do is stretch to get it. I drag my feet while I pass it to her and roll my eyes when I think she’s not looking. “Fix your face” she says while snatching the remote of my hand. This Christmas holiday is coming to an end and I dread doing my hair but my mum says she’s seen a hairstyle on TV that I might like, already I’m wary because the last time she tried something new everyone at school said my head looked like a pie. About to dismiss her idea she says that it will take less time than single plaits, so I agree, she plaits a Nigerian style called chuku then she attaches a hairpiece onto the end, after three hours I rise up then dash to the nearest mirror then shaking my hair side to side. I love it.

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