Perception And Reality By Keith Wilson Essay

Perception And Reality By Keith Wilson Essay

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What is sense perception? Everything we perceive in our senses can be misleading and an illusion. In the article “Perception and Reality” by Keith Wilson (see Article 1), the author goes over some of the aspects of how our perception deceives us to believe in things that aren’t there to begin with. For example are colors real? Well that is relevantly dependent on what is considered real, because real again is a perception of a single individual collecting information and making “sense” out of it. A color being real or not is dependent on how we see it through our eyes, we can 't say that my blue is the same as your blue. We can 't know for sure if what we are seeing for ourselves, is the same as what the person that views that same thing sees it the same way also. We can learn the colors name from what people call it but that color is unique to our own perception of it, same can be said about if the person you having a conversation is real or not, because that identification also relies on your sense perception. Colors of cretin things can appear different at some situations. For example, blood as we know it is red, that color that you see through your eyes of the blood in our veins is “red” but underwater, at 30 feet underneath the surface your blood turns, or rather appears green due to the light bouncing off of it is much less than it is at the surface as mentioned in the article “Did you know that your blood is green underwater?” by Fun Facts (see Article 2). These examples got me interested from the class discussions we had and how the philosophers viewed sense perception and the kind of thought they had of it.
For example, Socrates despised his body, going as far as saying that its a prison, a prison containing his true ...

... middle of paper ... be helpful in others harmful. For example, humans are extremely good at analyzing and memorizing faces that we can see them in just about anything: a stone on the ground with a few chunks and ridges in some places can appear as features of a face to the human perception. Even a cloud, or just about anything can be seen as something we can relate it to from what we already know, because we grew to understand it that way. Scientists say that this is to do with quickly learning how your mother looks like as a child, this can be advantageous, to learn who cares and protects you to stay close to them. Or being able to identify a predator approaching in the grass or bushed, that would otherwise be deadly if we were not able to locate that danger, which would lead to our extinction. Our sense-perception can be advantageous or illusionary, depending on how we perceive it.

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