Essay on Pecan Pie: A Look into the Pecan

Essay on Pecan Pie: A Look into the Pecan

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Holiday season is the time of year that brings together family and holiday foods. The best part of the season’s meal is not necessarily the dinner, but the endless amounts of sweets. Pies are the more popular desserts that are eaten after traditional holiday meals. One of the popular choices of pie, is pecan. Pecan pies are made primarily with corn syrup and pecan nuts. It is claimed that the pie had originated in the early 1800s near Louisiana, with no acknowledgments of its trace before 1886 (Wikipedia, 2013). The cake itself has been kept alive by American Literature and televisions through the association of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions. The actual pecans within the pie however, have been around a lot longer than a couple of centuries.
The pecan, which was previously named Hicoria, but is now known as Carya illinoensis, grows on a tree that is typically 75 to 100 feet in height (Natchitoches Pecans). The nuts are rounded and can be grouped together at up to 100 nuts per pound. It was evident that the origination was that of an Asian tree species. The tree species had first appeared in North America before the first humans crossed the Bering Strait in about 10,000 B.C. (Jones, 2013) Archaeological evidence reveals that the fossil remains discovered along the major streams and irrigation canals in Texas and the northern part of Mexico, indicate that it was the birthplace of the pecan species. (Murray, Pizzorno, 2005).
Before European settlement, pecans were widely consumed and traded by Native Americans. As a food source, pecans are a natural choice for pre-agricultural society. They can provide two to five times more calories per unit weight than say, wild game, and require no preparation or risks (Hi...

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