Pearl Harbor And The Terrorist Attacks Essay

Pearl Harbor And The Terrorist Attacks Essay

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After the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, there has been a reemergence of comparisons between the events of Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks in New York. Although the timing of when Band of Brother’s was released on HBO was a poorly planned to the attacks in New York, it could be argued that the United States government was able to use the images found within Band of Brothers for their own agenda to push for a War on Terror. Band of Brothers has representations of brotherhood and an image of a masculine American soldier, which could be used by the government to push for going to war in the Middle East. In order to display a masculine American soldier, it could be argued that there needs to be a representation of an ethnic America before it could be seen as united. It could be argued that with the representations of “brotherhood” the United States government used this to shape America’s national identity after September 11th. The United States government could easily use Band of Brothers as propaganda for the War on Terror because throughout George W. Bush’s time as president from 2001 to 2008, he made many reference to the “good war.” According to David Noon, this is, in part, because,” World War II is popularly (though erroneously) recalled as a time when the values and beliefs of the public and its soldiers were perfectly squared with those of the political and military leadership. With World War II being as well known as it is in history the government could use this to their advantage by using the ideal image of a masculine soldier, and the background behind this. Also and the “brotherhood” of being in the military. When those images are established it can help fuel their agenda for the War on Terror.
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...ds to be willing to use force or sacrifice his own life for his country, and he will not surrender. Band of Brothers has these characteristics of being masculine throughout the miniseries, and these images are then used to construct the image of “brotherhood.” Powerful images that were displayed in Band of Brothers that displays the notion of masculinity can be displayed throughout episode six in the miniseries. During this episode the men were surrounded by the Germans and were heavily undersupplied. Despite being undersupplied the men refused to leave the line, and the 101st Airborne thought it would be appalling to surrender. This idea shows the men’s commitment to the war, not only out of duty, but also for protecting their brothers. The men not leaving the line shows them being fearless when united, and that Americans do not give up and abandon their brothers.

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