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The Parent Music Research Center Essay

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Since the time of the broadcasting of Elvis Presley during the 1950’s, there has been a notion to censor material on media outlets that were deemed inappropriate because of the potential suggestive message it could present. With the efforts of the Federal Communications Commissions, media outlets have to follow a strict guideline in order to be in compliance with the FCC’s standards, or else they will be faced with a hefty fine. Although music artists are not federally regulated like their visual counterparts, a group of concerned individuals wanted to do everything that they could in order to keep the explicit content out of the reach of children and have a certain censorship in their works of art. The Parent Music Research Center took matters into their own hands to the extent that a United States Congressional hearing was held to bring to the attention of government leaders the potential damage explicit content in music could have on the youth in this country. The defendants, who were prominent artists of the music industry would not go down without a fight, and they defended their work. With the leadership of Tipper Gore and the Parent Music Research Center, they brought to the attention of the country that they believed that the explicit content of music records must be regulated in the form of a federal rating system in order to protect the youth of this country to be introduced to the explicit content in the music.
The Parent Music Research Center was a group of individuals who wanted to bring the attention to the public that the content in certain music records were deemed inappropriate for the youth of our country to listen to, and action was needed to help create a warning label system to warn parents of the content of...

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... the market control these actions. What her main point is that she wants the corporations to make sure that their products are in the right hands and to protect the integrity of what she calls “young minds.”

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