Parent Child Relationship in Greek Mythology Essay

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It is inferred that the parents should take care of their children and have their best interest at heart. This however, is not the case in Greek and Roman mythology. The killing of ones own children, or filicide, was not viewed as negative upon in their era. The contemporary times contrast with the ancient Greek and Roman’s because it was justified to use any means necessary to obtain a higher status. The Greeks and Romans valued keeping a high social reputation and having respect for those of great power. The motherly union between their children conflict with the reality that the father strives to retain or gain control. These circumstances cause a tense bond between the members of the family. The strained parent to child relationship in Greco-Roman myths is prevalent in the fact that the parents are fearful of being overtaken by their children, and endeavor to limit their upbringing.
In a society in which social position was vital for having a successful family, the Greek and Roman families internally struggled with one another. This constant conflict stems from the father’s desire for control and the society’s high placement of power. In the Greek myth Demeter and Persephone, Zeus’s interest for his selfish gains prompts him to “ ( give ) Persephone to the Lord of Dead to become his queen “ ( Rosenberg Demeter 96). Zeus does not ask Persephone nor Demeter, his beloved wife, presenting that he does not show any opinions on their feelings. Although Zeus in reality just wanted to have a powerful family with the addition of Hades, his love for power overrode his love for his family and created a tension between the other members and him. In another Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, shows man’s love for supremacy through ...

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... children, Zeus, survived and it ultimately led to Cronus’s downfall. In order to uphold his preeminence, Cronus needed to limit the competition, which were his children. Also, in the myth of Medea, Medea assassinated both her children and her younger brother, without any sympathy. To be certain that her younger brother did not rebel against her in the future, she took the necessary steps to eliminate him. Medea as well murders her own children in which she bore to Jason, only to make him suffer. The vicious ways in which parents used to control their children’s lives just sparked a more hostile relationship.
Parents and children do not always seem to get along due to the fact that the children strive to overthrow their parents. The myths of the Greeks and Romans emulate their core values in which the kings were fearful of their children being too powerful.

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