Our Day at the Happiest Place on Earth Essay

Our Day at the Happiest Place on Earth Essay

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It was a day meant to be at Disneyland. My cousins came down all the way from South Africa to visit us, and seeing as theyʼve never been to the Happiest Place on Earth before, we decided to take them.
There were nine of us in total. My older sister, Row; my mom; my two cousins, Sarah and Ava, and their mothers; a family friend, Bev; and a girl we just happen to pick up on the side of the road, oh I forget her name lets just call her That Girl.
The day was sunny and unusually warm for October. We all piled into a four seater car, some of us sitting on top of each other. Those two hours in that car flew by fast, and before I knew it, we were at Disneyland.
We all piled out of the car, stumbling and tripping over one another. I looked up and saw it.
Those beautiful blue gates, gleaming in the bright sunlight. I just wanted to throw myself on them like a wild animal and scream, “MY PRECIOUS!”
We entered into the park and stood while we decided what we wanted to do first.
You see, I havenʼt been to Disneyland since I was about five, so I didnʼt remember much about it and I havenʼt really been on most of the rides.
Row, That Girl and I really wanted to go on the Matterhorn Bobsleds, but Sarah and Ava were afraid of roller coasters and after much talking, we decided to split up and do the rides we wanted and then meet up later on at the pickle stand (yes. There were pickles at Disneyland).
We treaded over to the Matterhorn and waited in line. I was feeling so nervous and excited. After much anticipation, we were next.
As we climbed in and buckled ourselves in, I felt like I wanted to jump off the ride and run away as fast as I could.
Row was sitting in front of me. The ride started to move and Row was the only thing in front of me to grab...

... middle of paper ...

...in as I ran back outside to my mom, who was sitting with Row by the lit up fountain. The others came outside, and we all walk to the little Disneyland shops, that where still open. We all walked into one of the stores. Everything was so cute, and magical. As I looked around, my eyes landed on a beautiful red sweater with
Mickey Mouse on it. I felt a magical force pulling me towards it. When I put my
hand over the soft fabric, I new I had to get it. My very generous mother
bought it for me. To thank her I bought her a little blue bracelet, the
happiness on her face when I gave it to her said it all. The day was over, and
as we left and passed the gates of the happiest place on earth, I felt both sad and relieved. I had a wonderful time at Disneyland, but now it was time to go
home. As I was walking away, I turn around and said “good bye Disneyland see
you next time”.

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