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Othello Desdemona By William Shakespeare Essays

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In Shakespeare 's Othello, Desdemona is Othello’s loyal wife. Desdemona has a high status due to her father being a Venetian senator and she’s also married to the general Othello. No matter what Othello did to her, whether it was calling her vulgar names or hitting her, she never blamed her husband. No matter what her husband does she always forgive her husband. With the situation of Othello being blinded by jealousy and not treating his wife well, Desdemona should be pitied rather than be admired.
In the beginning of the scene, Desdemona is loyal to her husband. When her father was against her marriage with Othello because he’s black, she defended her husband. She proved to her father and the other people that her love is pure. Othello didn’t do anything to force her into marriage, it took place after they both fell in love with each other at first sight. This is how Desdemona proved her loyalty to her husband. She wasn’t afraid to voice her thoughts about her husband to other people.
However, when Iago came into the story and started to fabricate ideas about Desdemona to Othello, that is when the relationship changed. Iago was spreading lies about Desdemona about how she was becoming more romantic with Othello’s friend, Cassio. This made Othello create scenarios and assumptions about his wife’s loyalty and about his friend betraying him. What Iago did only raised Othello 's anger and jealousy towards Desdemona. What made the situation worse is when Iago tried to persuade Desdemona to talk to Othello in order for him to get Cassio back in his place as a lieutenant. This proves that Desdemona is too trusting towards Iago, who is trying to sabotage her relationship with Othello. When Desdemona met up with her husband about brin...

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...away from people who are selfish. It’s because of those factors that made Desdemona look like a villain in Othello’s eyes instead of a loving wife.
In conclusion, Desdemona did have much of a choice on what was going to happen to her. She shouldn’t be admired due to her devotion towards Othello. It makes her look foolish for allowing her husband to push her around. No matter how many times she has lied to make her husband look like a good guy, all of that effort was wasted at the end when Othello commits suicide once he realizes he was wrong for killing his wife. Desdemona is just a person to be pitied throughout the movie since Othello was set on Iago’s false statement about her cheating. Her love and devotion towards Othello didn’t conquer the evil that was set by Iago. Instead, her efforts in being a good wife to Othello was seen as being a sneaky lustful woman.

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