The Origins Of Ancient China Essay examples

The Origins Of Ancient China Essay examples

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During the history of ancient China, around 500 B.S.Ec., the Chinese begin to go through a crisis. The original order established in the civilization was long gone, and a change was needed. Something had to be done, in order to get the order restored in china. Chinese thinkers looked for ways to change their empire in order to reestablish order to their empire. In the chaotic China civilization, several different answers arouse to solve the problem, which ultimately changed China for the better. The three primary solutions were the concepts Legalist, Confucianism, Daoism.
In the first solution to the disorder of the civilization, the legalist answer was thought of. The philosophers behind this idea thought that “the solution, to China’s problems lay in the rules or laws, clearly spelled out and strictly enforced through a system of rewards and punishments” (Strayer 150). The underlying “sole purpose of the Legalism was to make the rule of the ruler longer for the Legalism [and] to regulate the behavior of each individual so as to establish a social order” (Ma 55). The legalist answer was a good idea because they felt a harsher government would saw the problems of disobedience in the civilization, but some questioned it because it provided” a strong incentive to local officials [that] could lead to undesirable side effects… Also, the cold-blood image of the Legalism may alien citizens (Zhou 619). This meant that although government is more structured, it may be too strict, showing undesirable effects. Legalism was very strict, but had good intentions, a prime example of this is that Legalists thought “that the ruler must prove his capacities to govern: his role as well as his legitimacy consist of adeptly managing the affairs of ...

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...ght. Daoism “also shaped the culture of ordinary people as it entered popular religion”, while also provided ideology for occasional peasant uprisings (Strayer 156).
China decided to take action in their chaotic civilization and create a change that would restore order and harmony to their home. They came up with answers, to ensure the survival and unity of their land. Each answer is different from the other, solving the problems of the civilization, so that they could be better. Confucianism was the most widely used solution, to Chinas problems, but all solutions were important to its history of the civilization. These ideas are embedded into Chinese history, and mark a change in the right direction for the civilization. The creation of Legalist, Confucianism, and Daoism, changed the dynamic of the Chinese culture making them more united, and stronger than ever.

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