Essay on The Operational And Legal Aspect Of The Recommended Staffing Strategy

Essay on The Operational And Legal Aspect Of The Recommended Staffing Strategy

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support both the operational and legal aspect of the recommended staffing strategy (Henemann, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). The use of a job requirement job analysis which identified specific tasks, KSAOs, and framework for the job provided the important information to establish recruiting and selection criteria.
When reviewing the “job descriptions” of Tanglewood is appeared that they were more job requirement matrix as opposed to job descriptions. It would be the recommendation that this information be developed into a strong job description/specification (see Appendix B). This information should include specific job family, title, job summary, task statements and time spent, important indicators, date that the job analysis was conducted (Henemann, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). This would enhance and support the idea that all jobs in the same job family are consistent across the organization and establish a strong corporate presence in the HR department.
Further, there are a number of possible organizational and job position awards available to every organization. These rewards can consist of extrinsic and intrinsic, to include tangible and intangible possibilities (Henemann, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). The most important aspect of creating any award program is the perception of the recipient. Factors from age to personal value play a part in any rewards development plan. As such developing a strong and valuable rewards program must take into account all aspects of human nature.
The establishment of a valuable rewards program would include a thorough survey of all employees to gather their thoughts and ideas around what the program should entail. As stated by Chomal and Baruah (2014) “to ensure the re...

... middle of paper ...

...y to solidify and incorporate an overall coporate position in centerlizing corporate planning and devlopment.
In final analysis, the development and implementation of any staffing initiative across an organization requires strong development, comprehensive assessment, and thorough implementation on all levels. In the instance of Tanglewood, overall analysis of current and future state assisted in the most appropriate assessment of the execution of the recommended centralized staffing planning process. Incorporating the many steps of the organizational staffing model into Tanglewood’s corporation, this provided a strong, detailed, and all-inclusive approach to the desired implementation. Once implemented, the plan would provide the organization with an avenue for tremendous success and ultimate interconnected staffing strategies across the organization.

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