Operation Overload or D-Day Essay

Operation Overload or D-Day Essay

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D-Day, also famously known as Operation Overlord, actually stands for Day-Day. It was termed Day-Day since the Allied forces at the time did not want exact date to be known or set for the purpose of maintaining it to be a surprise attack. D-Day was a well-planned Allied invasion to gain foothold in France and the event took place on June 6, 1944 in order to liberate France which was, at the time, fully an Axis-occupied area (Kemp 75). Undoubtedly and according to the Allied forces’ plan, it was an unexpected attack to the Germans, which increased the probability of success. Troops from several countries around the world worked together to carry out the D-Day mission, including United States, Canada, Britain, and France. (Turner 44) The Allied forces attempted to take over all the five designated beaches with five code-names along the northern coast of France facing Britain: Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, and Utah (Thompson 24). Canada, as an independent nation and well trained soldiers, made significant contributions that played a vital role in D-Day by supplying massive war supplies, demonstrating effective battle tactics and taking charge on Juno Beach.
The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) supplied a massive force of soldiers and war weapons for D-Day preparations for Britain. Hundreds of warships and thousands of Canadian sailors worked tirelessly to support the D-Day mission; they helped to ferry Allied troops across the English Channel, clear the minefields, and protect invasion fleet. According to the details of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum website, not only did the Royal Canadian Navy transported troops but it also provided vehicles to bring down the troops on land and to mobilize them once they are on land such as la...

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