Essay on Online Masters Of Arts And Creative Writing Program

Essay on Online Masters Of Arts And Creative Writing Program

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I would like your kind consideration and admittance into SNHU’s Online Masters of Arts in English and Creative Writing Program starting in August 2016. After careful review of the course descriptions within the curriculum and realizing the opportunity to study both fiction and non-fiction creative writing simultaneously, within a program tailored to strike a balance between learning through critical analysis of accomplished authors literature and a practical understanding of how their craft applies to my writing, an understanding of the relationship between author and editor and the editors specific role when revising different genres to meet unique publishing standards, and through the opportunity to collaborate online on a consistent basis with fellow students and accomplished instructors as part of a writing community that exchanges relevant academic and real-world detailed knowledge of craft as it pertains to contemporary literary cultures and publishing as a professional writer, I feel this program is the right fit.

My educational goals are to master the foundational writing, editing, and creative skills necessary to the craft of working as a professional, published, innovative fiction and/or non-fiction creative and scholarly writer, while immersing myself in collaborative student and professional writing groups, contemporary literary cultures, traditional and non-traditional publishing streams, organizations, contests, and any other avenues that support my continual growth and passions, in hopes of creating innovative, ground-breaking, socially important creative works that inspire others through a unique, fresh voice, and perspectives that are in some way profound and valuable to some aspect of our world. I ...

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...2014 semesters, both expressed that they believed if I wanted to focus solely on what Lesley would consider the single discipline of Creative Writing for Fiction and Non-Fiction, that I would probably be better served both academically and professionally by a more traditional graduate creative writing program that I could transfer into, and that I could take a leave of absence to reflect upon my goals before I continuing down the interdisciplinary track at Lesley. At the time SNHU didn’t offer an online Masters in Creative Writing that I was aware of, but to my surprise when I was looking for an online undergrad course in editing and publishing I came across the program. I truly hope to be an asset and accepted into the program. Thank You for your time and kind consideration.


Joseph Giannunzio, Jr.
12367 243rd Terrace N.E.
Redmond, WA 98053

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