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Becker describes common mistakes she has observed in published GT research. She claims that many GT studies produced are descriptive studies rather than explanations of phenomena.
Why relevant to my methodology
It makes me able to produce meaningful and trustworthy health service research using GT because I can aware of and avoid the potential pitfalls, and minimise methodological mistakes in my research work. For example, misuse of the term GT inappropriately applied to a deductive descriptive approach undermines the methodology.
What is taught
The common errors which portray descriptive studies as GT studies include mismatch between sampling strategy (purposive or theoretical) and emerging theory (inductive or deductive), not defining problematic situations, using the wrong theoretical lens (between realist, constructionist or contextualist) to answer research question, lack of concurrent data collection, analysis and constant comparison because of limited researcher’s involvement throughout analysis, and overreliance on the computer program.
My critique
This is a comprehensive article suggesting the avoidable methodological errors which may reduce the credibility and value of GT approach. I think the author may be too pessimistic regarding computer programs by mentioning that the program limits the researcher’s intuitive sense and intellectual rigour. I believe that rigour depends on the researcher because the researcher, not the software, does the analysis.

(8) Elliott, N., & Jordan, J. (2010). Practical strategies to avoid the pitfalls in grounded theory research. Nurse Researcher, 17(4), 29-40.
What paper is about
Naomi Elliott and Joanne Jordan, who are lecturers of nursing, explains three main three categories of the...

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...oach of code structure which employs both inductive codes and deductive organising framework, my GT research on health services can effectively build themes and theory to achieve my research objectives.

GT has been used in several health services research alone or a component of mixed methods. Selected articles explain GT by its methodological concerns, analysis and sampling approaches, theoretical sensitivity, pitfalls, application of CAQDAS and examples of use in health service research. The value of the articles is recognised where practical approaches are offered and supported to make me easily understand. My research plans to examine the way patient’s experience and health beliefs influence the patient health seeking behaviours which impede their access to public health services. Therefore, GT provides a methodology basic to answer such a question.

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