Observation Of The Courtroom, Performance Of Interpreter David Pegg And Nancy Stone And Insight

Observation Of The Courtroom, Performance Of Interpreter David Pegg And Nancy Stone And Insight

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Interpretation, a profession with a wide field of auspicious opportunities. Even though this profession is looked down upon and laypeople rather call it translation than interpretation, this profession offers you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and expand your mind throughout various trainings, exercises, and readings. The job of an interpreter is not as easy as it may seem, it is simply not only the interpretation of a word, phrase or sentence from one language to another, we carry on our shoulders the obligation of making sense of what is being said therefore rendering an accurate and clear message taking into account that we are but the link of communication between two parties with different languages. We are entrusted with the responsibility of having them understand each other. By now I already know that interpretation takes place in many different layouts of education and health, nevertheless today I will talk about a court observation; the setting of the courtroom, performance of interpreter David Pegg and Nancy Stone and insight provided by them.
As I have learned from “Chapter 29 Introduction to the Courtroom and Legal Actors” from book Fundamentals of Court Interpretation by Roseann Duenas Gonzalez, the positioning of the interpreter will depend greatly on the on the type of hearing and on the construction of the courtroom itself. This particular observation was an arraignment hearing held in a courtroom with the counsel table in the middle in front of the judge. The Prosecuting Attorney was standing on the left side of the counsel table and the defense attorney, the defendant and proceedings interpreter on the right side of the counsel table. The defendant is stationed in the middle with the defense attorney...

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...r that requires of great attention, patience and respect as to a wrong interpretation can lead to very serious change of events. While interpretation takes place in different layouts of education and health the change of scene from consecutive interpretation to simultaneous interpretation is impressive. Of course much has to do with time. In consecutive you have time to listen then you analyze, then you reconstruct and finally you deliver. In simultaneous you listen, analyze, reconstruct and deliver at the same time. What a pity to not have been able to observe David interpret. Based on the information he provided, he seemed to be a very professional man and much could have been learned from him. Nancy, a very professional woman with years of experience and knowledge. In order to become better than good one has to become a nerd, be intelligent, study and read a lot.

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