Essay on Obama The Talk Show Host President

Essay on Obama The Talk Show Host President

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Obama the talk show host President
For centuries, the American Presidents have had very limited resources to get information out to the American Citizens. The first use of any mass marketing that was ever used by a President was simply spread by talking. News traveled very slowly throughout the nation for centuries. By the time the news had made it’s way around most of the nation it had been weeks since the event. They finally started using newspapers as the primary form for spreading the news. This allowed the news to spread faster to the people. Then in 1933, everything changed. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his first national radio broadcast, otherwise known as the “fireside chat’s” directly from the Whitehouse. His first chat occurred during the middle of the Great Depression. He was essentially reaching out to the American people in the time of crisis. His chats went on for several years and he was able to reach roughly 90% of the population at the time. With more and more technological advancements by 1947, the news outlets made a huge change that would affect the nation forever. October 5th, 1947 President Harry Truman transmitted to the American people on the first-ever televised presidential address. This address highlighted the demand for grains to be reduced to help the famished Europeans. Roughly 20 years later history was made again when it came to Presidential exposure in the media. September 26th, 1960 the first ever Presidential debate was broadcasted across the nation. The debate was between Democrat nominee John F. Kennedy and Republican nominee Richard Nixon. It was said that this debate made a huge impact on the election results. Nixon refused the makeup offered for the show. With the lights from t...

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...nly the older generation but even the millennials. There were thousands of tweets and status about how funny Obama was. This was definitely the breaking point of where his humor became a mandatory trait we all seeked from him. Obama was 100% on of the funniest, relatable President I have seen in my lifetime. He however could not have achieved that title without having the exposure of late night talk shows. His humor adds a personable quality that we all search for in the President. The only thing that would have made his appearances on these shows better would have been if his equally humorous sidekick was with him. Joe Biden, is one of the most personable Vice Presidents we have also had. This dynamic duo will be missed once they leave the White house in January. Who knows maybe Obama being on talk shows could make Trump T.V a true possibility, only time will tell.

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