Essay on Nurses Must Provide Emotional Support to Patients

Essay on Nurses Must Provide Emotional Support to Patients

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People often hear the saying “No man is an island.” This is because every individual needs other people in order to survive. It is definitely true that the three basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter must be given to people in order to survive in their environment. However, it does not end there. Those necessities are not good enough to make someone live a happy life. In order to achieve a life worth living, one must have a good relationship with the people present in his or her surroundings. An individual must be a part of an effective social process. This could mean that he or she should be able to give and to receive emotional care from other people.
Rendering care and comfort to someone is such a good feeling, but to receive those kinds of affection is much better. It is normal for people to seek and long for affection because it enhances their worth. People usually get affection from their families, friends, and loved ones. However, society is continuously evolving and this evolution has caused most people to become busy with their chosen professions. When a family member is sick, there are times when they cannot attend to the patient because of their busy schedule. This is one of the reasons why nursing homes and nursing care are in demand. At present, nurses are very prominent because they can provide care and comfort for their patients. The question is “How can people say that the care and comfort that they are receiving are enough to be able to say that they are no longer lonely and isolated?”
In the analysis of this paper, the author believes that the model of Abraham Maslow (2009) can be very helpful. This model is called the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. According to Maslow (2009), people have needs...

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