Number Of Children Under 16 Essay

Number Of Children Under 16 Essay

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Number of children under 16 in household Frequency Percent
0 33819 73.5
1 5828 12.7
2 4601 10.0
3 1348 2.9
4 344 0.7
5 66 0.1
6 22 0
7 3 0
Total 46031 100

The mode and the median of this data are 0. Showing that the most common number of children aged under 16, in a household is 0 with 73.5% of the responses. The remaining 26.5% was largely made up of households with one or children, with the combined percent of those with 3-7 children being only 3.7% of the households. The Mean of 0.45 and a standard deviation of 0.871 show also that there is only a small amount of houses in the data set that have actually got children living in them.
b) We can see that the majority of respondents did not live in inner city areas with 42,154 (91.6%) of the sample living in non-inner city areas. In contrast, only 3877 (8.4%) of the sample were living in inner cities.
i) There are 111 cases of missing data which may have been caused by people feeling uncomfortable in disclosing their religion, especially if they are the victim of hate crime. The category people people most commonly affiliate themselves was Christianity, with 75% of people identifying as Christian. People of no religion made up the majority of the remaining 25% with 19.1% of the respondents identifying as non-religious.

Religious Affiliation Frequency Percent
Christian 34516 75.0
Buddhist 228 0.5
Hindu 518 1.1
Muslim 1211 2.6
Other religion 642 1.4
No religion 8805 19.1
Missing 111 0.2
Total 45920 100

2) Those living in an urban, inner city area are more likely to have experienced crime in the last 12 months with 24.2% being a victim compared to 18.7% of non-inner city respondents, showing a 5.5% difference. As is visible from the expected counts, inner city re...

... middle of paper ...

...e confidence people have in the police in their neighbourhoods, whether they are victims of crime or not.
A weak positive correlation of 0.10 can be said to exist for the relationship between age and worry about being the victim of crime. Moreover with R square equalling 0.01 only a small proportion of the ‘worry about being a victim of crime’ variable can be explained by the respondent’s age. An increase of worry of 0.302 can be expected from every increase of 1 year in someone’s age. However it is important to be aware of the 37,140 cases of missing data in the ‘worry’ variable as this limits how many cases can be analysed alongside the respondent’s age. This could be because people find it difficult to talk about issues related to their personal feelings about crime, or simply because there is no established way of measuring fear of crime like there is for age

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