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Nora Eventually Learns Essay

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Everyone faces guiltiness at some point of time in their life. They may have cheated on a test, broke their sibling’s iPod, or even told a massive lie and hid it from their husband for years. In this case, that would refer to Nora Hemler in the play, A Doll’s House. Nora takes a major role in this play. She has hidden the fact that she forged her father’s signature from her husband Torvald and has a large amount of debt to pay back to a man named Krogstad. She constantly has to face one problem after another throughout the play. In the end, she learns how to really stand up for herself and become the strong and powerful woman that she is meant to be. In the play A Doll’s House, Nora Helmer faces many trials and tribulations for the duration of the play. Some people throughout life find their soul mate and fall in love, while other’s think they’re in love but don’t thoroughly know their soul mate. This statement entwines perfectly with refers to Nora Helmer in the play A Doll’s House.
In the beginning of the play, It is displayed how much of a child Nora is to Torvald. “There is a shilling. No, keep the change. (The PORTER thanks her, and goes out. NORA shuts the door. She is laughing to herself, as she takes off her hat and coat. She takes a packet of macaroons from her pocket and eats one or two; then goes cautiously to her husband’s door and listens.) Yes, he is in. (Still humming, she goes to the table on the right.)” (Ibsen 1). It is clear that Nora is being portrayed as if she’s a kid slowly & attentively waiting outside of Torvald’s work room. She makes sure that everything in the house looks nice so Torvald doesn’t start to instigate and find fault to blame herself. (Another sentence) “Her husband Torvald chides her for...

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...ora can really

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