No Cast Iron Guarantees That Your Share Prices Will Increase Any Time Soon

No Cast Iron Guarantees That Your Share Prices Will Increase Any Time Soon

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There are no cast-iron guarantees that your share prices will increase any time soon, but there are certain indicators that often show up prior to share prices going up. It is just like seeing dark clouds in the sky and assuming it may rain soon.

1 - It has been a flat line for the last five years

A good shares investor is able to look at the stock ticker for a company and see that it has been at the same price for the last five years without worrying. A good shares investor will not be tempted to sell shares that have been at the same price for years because it is a waiting game. There are plenty of times when a share price stays the same price for years and then starts going up again. More often than not, if the price has been the same for years and the company is not failing, then the price will start to rise eventually (rather than fall eventually).

2 - A rise in company earnings

It seems a little shallow and hollow, but investors on mass will tend to follow things such as earnings, and they will use them as predictors of future trends. A rise in company earnings is no genuine indicator that the price of the shares will go up or that the company on its own is worth more, but many investors will use a rise in company earnings as a signal that they should invest, and so the share price will rise. Investor behavior seems to create self-fulfilling prophecies.

3 - A lowering of debt

The amount of debt a company is in may not be an indicator of success. For example, most airlines are in a massive amount of debt, and many companies are in debt for years after they have started. However, it is fair to say that if a company is slowly removing its debt, then it is probably going to do okay in the near future to the point where i...

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...ld be running a pump and dump scheme, but they cannot all be in on it (usually). Another downside is that by the time you have read about this “Great new investment opportunity” it is often too late already.

10 - Strong or improving bond rating

A poor bond rating and/or one that is deteriorating is often a sign that a company is struggling and on its way out the door. The company’s bond rating is based on the company’s ability to repay bonds. If a bond rating is bad or getting worse, then it speaks to the health of the company itself. Your other key indicators may show that the stock price is destined to go up, but if they are going to fail to repay their bonds, then how healthy is the company in reality?

If you think your shares may start to decline any time soon, then have a look at our article on the ten signals that indicate your share price may soon decline.

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