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Night, A Journey Of A Young Boy Essay

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In the novel, Night, a journey of a young boy who teetered between life and death for so long is told. The struggle he faced, the strive to survive, and the desire to remain by his father’s side are all difficulties he encountered. The holocaust was a horrifying time- millions were murdered because they were considered a subspecies slowing down the evolutionary processA time of misery and fear for people of the Jewish religion, Wiesel shares his experience during this petrifying time.
Elie Wiesel was born in Sighet Transylvania on September 30, 1928. Prior to being taken under the Nazi 's rule, he decided to pursue Religious studies,as his father did. He grew up with his parents and three sisters. in the year 1944, when Elie was 15 years old, Nazi 's took over Sighet and a few other areas and transporte them to concetration camps in Poland. Millions of Jews were killed, and on April 10,1945, Elie was in the camp of Buchenwald when freedom was present. After the holocaust, Wiesel studied at the Sorbonne in France from the years 1948-1951. Wiesel has had been given numerous awards, two of them being the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom and the French Legion of Honor 's Grand Croix. Wiesel also pursued the career of teaching as a University Professor. He later received the Nobel Prize in 1986 for his works. He was married in 1969 and still is, to his wife Marion Wiesel and they had a son Shlomo Elisha Wiesel. Elie is currently 86 years old and lives in New York. the novel Night has a personal style.. He faced a hard journey where struggle reigned supreme over all other experiences- which he speaks of. What he saw, heard, and felt, is all expressed in his writing.
Elie Wiesel is just a young boy when...

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...road paved with suffering. Don’t lose hope. You have already eluded the worst danger: selection. Therefore, muster your strength and keep your faith. We shall all see the day of liberation. Have faith in life, a thousand times faith. By driving out despair, you will move away from death. Hell does not last forever … And now, here is a prayer, or rather a piece of advice: let there be camaraderie among you. We are all brothers and share the same fate. The same smoke hovers over all our heads. Help each other. That is the only way to survive. And now, enough said, you are tired. Listen: you are in Block 17; I am responsible for keeping order here. Anyone with a complaint may come to see me. That is all. Go to sleep. Two people to a bunk. Good night." which was said by the guard. Elie replies to himself after hearing the guard speak, with this "the first human words."

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