New York State According to Elementary School Teachers Essay examples

New York State According to Elementary School Teachers Essay examples

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When writing a textbook for the State of New York, I would direct my textbook toward college students who are looking to become Elementary School teachers. It is nearly impossible as an Elementary school teacher to know everything there is to know about New York State when on top of it they are also teaching other subjects. When thinking as a teacher, I think it would be a good idea to break up the book according to topic/time period. For example, the Antebellum Industrialization, immigration, and reform (1825 -1860) would be the chapter name and then the history of New York during that time. It would be a comprehensive history of New York from the years 1825 to 2001 making this a part 2 textbook. Along with information about each topic/time period such as important events and people, I think it would be great for teachers to have resources for students to further explore a topic that they are interested in, whether it be a museum, websites (virtual tours), videos, etc. This would be extremely beneficial for teachers because technology now plays a major role in teaching so I think it would be useful for teachers to know these resources. The students will surely also benefit from those extra resources. When it comes to learning about New York State History, I feel as though it should coincide with NYS standards and what Elementary School teachers are suppose to be teaching their students. I would use that as my guidelines as how in depth I need to get for each topic being taught. Overall, I think it is important to create a textbook that would be a great resource for teachers to learn about the State of New York, and as well as have a clear understanding of what needs to be taught at the Elementary level.
Antebellum industrializa...

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