The New York City Of Saint Patrick 's Cathedral On The Avenue Essay

The New York City Of Saint Patrick 's Cathedral On The Avenue Essay

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In 1858 New York City laid down the first cornerstone of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. Opening its doors after only a short 21 years in 1879 Saint Patrick’s Cathedral drew visitors from all over. Paid for by poor immigrants in the city, this cathedral stands towering, proud, and beautiful nearly 158 years later. The foremost theme of this basilica is of the Gothic style. Attention to this specific place of worship is due to the majesty of the building. Choosing this church was not challenging due to the fact that there are of 5 Patrick’s, an Erin, and an Irelyn within my family. Needless to say, my blood is heavily laced with Irish roots. In addition to my own family history, I believe that New York City is one of the utmost remarkable cities in the world. As of 2014, the amount of money that has gone into creating, renovating, and repairing this massive cathedral is beyond 300 million dollars. Yet, currently—since 1911—Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, New York City, New York, is 100% debt free. The taxes paid by the immigrants in the 19th century and the donations made since then have been plenty, and generous.
Although commissioned and industrialized by Archbishop Hughes, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral’s architect staff consisted of James Renwick, Jr and Charles T. Mathews. The reason for this is that the original church had become too small for New York City’s growing Catholic population. During the construction of the church, Archbishop Hughes “persisted in his daring vision of building the supreme Gothic Cathedral in the New World in what he believed would one day be ‘the heart of the city.’ Neither the bloodshed of the Civil War, nor the resultant lack of manpower or funds would derail the ultimate fulfillme...

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Discussing this building is similar to discussing a work of art. The architecture and the stained glass windows have been examined by many scholars. Florence N. Levy describes Saint Patrick’s Cathedral as “a superb example of Gothic architecture, and its interior is a ‘thing of beauty’ owing the good proportions of its nave, crossing, and choir” (Levy 43). Yet Levy is not the only scholar to have been awestruck by the cathedral’s beauty. The stained glass windows have been an object of adoration for many years. The works of art have come from all over the world, owing a majority of the creation to Charles Connick—a 20th century genius in stained window design (St. Patrick’s Cathedral 2). When entering the church through the massive front doors, immediately a person is confronted with staggering hallways branching straight ahead, to the left, and to the right.

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