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By the development of new communication technologies, especially as Internet become widespread, various aspects of social, economic and political lives such as constitutional forming and societal interfaces have been considerably changed. Apart from this, as Turkle (1999) also claimed;
A rapidly expanding system of networks, collectively known as the Internet, links millions of people together in new spaces that are changing the way we think, the nature of our sexuality, the form of communities, our very identities (Turkle, 1999: 643)

Turkle is one of the scholars who were aware of the potential influences of the rapidly expanding networking systems at our lives, cultures, beliefs, politics, and even at our identity formations. Thirteen years ago, at her various researches, she underlined probable risks as well as facilities. This new age media, or mean of communication, brought the necessity of reconstruction, negotiation and redefinition of some concepts within the context of socio-cultural structures such as community, liberation, nationalism and identity.

Unsurprisingly, extensive usage of Internet as a new space of socialization and social interaction also brought necessity of redefinition or reconceptualization of some phenomenon especially in the field of social sciences.
Moreover, an individual, as a ‘zoon politicon’, took the opportunity not only a new space for socialization but also got chance for being actualized in various forms via new age media. Correspondingly, identifying selves also vary regarding to the virtual communities that an individual belongs to while being isolated from limitedness of the time and space.
Poster (1995) points out that this transmuted mean of communication as the second media age and ...

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