Negatives And Negatives Of Photography Essay

Negatives And Negatives Of Photography Essay

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1.Same as everything else Photography have some positive and negative impacts. It really depends how we use this technology. A positive example can be the picture of earth taken out of space. For the first time we could see how Earth look like from another planet. another advantage of photography is valuable source of record and it also show emotions and feeling. Its very easy to see the emotions like sadness, happens and other emotions in the photo. It can give us a new experience for example the picture of Earth. Not all of us have the advantage of looking at Earth from that view and photography make the art more accessible. Art or painting were expensive for average people and most people couldn 't afford it. However after photography we can make our own paintings and art. Many picture became iconic image for us that mens as soon as we see them we know what 's going on in the image. The negative part of photography that i personally hate is when i see people taking a picture of something and don 't care about what 's going on around them. I see lots of of people come to Golden gate bridge and take their “selfe” and walk away without looking to the bridge for a second. another problem is getting distance with our objects. when we can snap a photo why should we bother to go and look into it up close. As a kid we all learn that dont belive what ever you see in internet. thanks to digital photography we can 't even trust what we see in the picture.
2. The camera obscura is one of the early forms of camera. Basically there were the large dark rooms or small boxes to view solar eclipse safely. It was a light proof box or room with very small hole on the one side and it was place front of the bright subject. The scene was projected o...

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...res inside and as cylinder move it give us the illusion of motion. What Muybridge did he put his images front of the glass disk and he would add light to it so it would project on the screen.
5. I really enjoyed the picture of three former women soldiers sitting next to each other. Actually there are five photos inside one another. It shows three ladies that use to serve in military and there were still in contact with one another after they went back home. Its very calm and scary for me. In one hand it shows the connection and friendship between people and on the other hand it shows that we can 't stop the time and we will lose our love ones matter what we do. It makes you think about your past who did you spend it? did you spent it with people that you liked? it makes all this question in my head. Its very sad to loss friend that you know for your entire life.

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