Essay about The Negative Impact of Television on the Family

Essay about The Negative Impact of Television on the Family

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Television had always existed in the living room since I remembered. I did not realize television’s impacts on individuals because I thought of it as an appliance. Although not many see the impacts of television, the author named Marie Winn wrote the article “Television: The Plug-In Drug” that points out television’s negative impacts on family. Winn argues that television is not a good asset in the house because it complicates the relationships and family rituals. The relationships bonds decreased due to many television sets in a house. With many television sets, the family members are more attentive to the television than communicating with each other. Eric Schlosser, author of “Kid Kustomers,” has facts that affected relationships from scientific studies. A few scientific studies are about advertisements targeting at kids and the kid’s nagging tactics. These studies support Winn’s view on how television is harm to our relationship, family members, and us. Negative factors of television give me the belief that television does cause harm to our families. Television harms us since it does not give us the ability to think twice whether we want to buy the miscellaneous or not.
According to Winn, television affects families because it changes their way of living life. Two changes are with the family relationships and with the individuals in the households. Television diminishes the family relationship among family members. In Winn’s article, she argues against a statement from a television critic in 1949 that television would bring families together and argues against the statement, saying that a “…multiple-set family was something the early writings did not foresee.” (Winn, p. 439). In other words, she argues that television harms...

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...ike the Superbowl. Because families can’t afford the ticket to the game, while the Superbowl is on the television, it allows family to bond over a sport and the commercials playing. This is a positive aspect of television, but this only happens once a year. Television has impacted family relationships.
Television had affected family’s life negatively. The television’s impacts have been overseen on its effects. If family members are willing to spend time doing outside activities or a home game with one another often and forget that the television exists, relationship bonds can increase. Spending time with family and a group of people you are close to is bonding and can decrease the negative effects television is providing to us.

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