The Need to Close the Racial Gab in the Classroom Essay

The Need to Close the Racial Gab in the Classroom Essay

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One’s true purpose in life is to gain success as much as a person can obtain. Likewise, people strive to improve their living standard, career, and education. In order for one to sustain success in life and obtain the lifestyle, one perceive, gaining knowledge and gaining a proper education plays a big role. When a person have a strong educational foundation, one is likely to succeed and achieve their goal. However, in recent years, issues regarding education arise that is the racial gap among United States children. In the article, “New report details racial gap among US children,” the author David Crary, AP National Writer, mentions the gap between one racial group to another. He mentions of how each race differs in terms of their achievement in school and their test score. The author describes the urgent need to close the racial gap by indicating various statistical findings and information on how to promote ways to lessen the racial gap. Therefore, the education department should close the racial gap in school because the racial gap are formed by poverty, poor-equality educator, lack of school funding, and lack of the student’s determination in learning.
To know the reason of what causes the racial gap in educational one has to know of what racial gap is. Racial gap is when the entity consists of racial group such as White Americans, Black Americans, American Indians, Asians, and Latinos, and the researcher take a statistical findings to find the disparity for their educational measure between each student’s ability to achieve academic success. Inevitably Crary includes in his article the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s report titled, “Race for Results,” indicates that “The indicators include reading and math proficiency, high sc...

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