The Need For Translators And Interpreters Essay

The Need For Translators And Interpreters Essay

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Nowadays, translation and interpretation are professions that are on the rise; this is due to globalization and more especially with the inception of Internet in our daily life. Because of this, there is currently an increasing demand for information and knowledge waiting to be translated into several languages, so the need for translators and interpreters eventually increased and is expected to continue growing in the coming years as people from all corners of the globe are more intertwined as never before. In few words, translation and interpretation in the present time is a big deal. So in order to monitor and assess the need for translators and interpreters, I decided to replicate the results of Lynne Bowker´s article “What Does It Take to Work in the Translation Profession in Canada in the 21st Century? Exploring a Database of Job Advertisements" as the basis of my research project.
Bowker´s project consisted of a compilation of translation job advertisements published from 2000 to 2002. The advertisements that she collected came from national newspapers, Canadian online job sites, Canadian translation associations, and translation schools. Her main goal was to extract from the advertisements a corpus consisting of general guidelines that employers seek in prospective employees. After collecting this corpus, she proceeded on screening this corpus following an indexing criteria which were: source, date, job, employer, location, permanent (yes/no), full-time (yes/no), professional association (yes/no), languages, domain, qualifications, required skills, and other keywords. Once the information was sorted according to the indexing criteria above, Bowker summarized, analyzed, measured, and converted into numerical sta...

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...ecialist, Reviser, Translation manager, Translation professor, Terminologist, Translator-writer, Interpreter, Translator-terminologist, and Translator-interpreter. Clearly you can see from her list of type of job that she only has position titles for a maximum of two translation duties and not more than that.
I am thinking to apply 2 types of solution for this job type classification: the first one is to pay a close attention on the narrative of the job offer; in other words, examine the main demands and duties that the employee will mostly be doing and omit the other minor translation duties. The other solution is to do the same as the first solution but the minor translations duties will be included in a parenthesis; this is to present a full coverage of the current translation industry in Canada in order to avoid any misinterpretation of the database collected.

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