Essay on The Need for Some Restriction on Uranium Mining in Australia

Essay on The Need for Some Restriction on Uranium Mining in Australia

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Uranium is a common naturally occurring radioactive element in the earth's crust. It was initially used to coloring glass or ceramic glaze (M. Eisenbud & T. Gesell 1963: 319), whereas it became the nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors and atomic bomb until 1939 when O. Hahn and F. Strassmann discovered the nuclear fission of uranium, and its released tremendous energy can be used for generate electricity or as a weapon. Even there occurred such a speech, 'who owns the uranium could be the world' (T. Zoellner 2009). Therefore, the world has entered a uranium mining boom. Meantime, it also has given rise to people's discussions whether the uranium mining should be on a large scale without restrictions. Some people believe that uranium mining could reduce air pollution and might stimulate the economy, but uranium mining have brought about the negative influences which are overweight to its advantages in the aspects of human health, political and social factors. This essay aims to focus on the uranium mining in Australia to analyse its advantages and disadvantages in order to prove that...

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