The Natural Right Of Freedom By Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

The Natural Right Of Freedom By Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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The natural right to freedom, though defended in society today, has not always been guaranteed (single word adverb). Racial inequality in America divided the people to the point of a civil war. Long after, men opposed those who sought suffrage for all genders and races. In both instances, individuals were not ensured the freedom to choose their leaders or to express their opinions without fear of punishment. This fear is not present in Antigone’s actions, depicted in Sophocles’ play Antigone, as she defies her uncle Creon’s rule over Thebes so she can give her fallen brother Polyneices a proper burial. Polyneices and his brother Eteocles died in a power struggle for ownership of Thebes because Eteocles and Creon refused to give Polyneices the power which belonged to him. As Thebes is left without a leader, Creon assumes the crown and outlaws the burial of Polyneices, who Creon says is an enemy to Thebes (action verb). Antigone is justified in burying Polyneices because she defends his right to the throne, she observes natural law over political law, and she enacts civil disobedience against the tyrannical rule of Creon (linking verb).
Antigone is justified in burying Polyneices because he died trying to claim his rightful position as king, but Creon instead framed him to divert attention from his poor leadership (adjective phrase). According to the background note for the story, after Antigone’s father Oedipus died, her brothers “agreed to alternate as king [of Thebes]. When Eteocles refused to give up power to Polyneices, the latter collected a foreign army of Argives and attacked the city” (1). Polyneices’ attack of the city was warranted because Eteocles refused to give up the power that belonged to Polyneices (adjective prep ...

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...le Creon, the king of Thebes. After her brothers Polyneices and Eteocles die, Antigone utilizes her freedom to denounce Creon’s unjust leadership with the knowledge of her inevitable punishment. In the past, freedom was not as strongly implemented in society (linking verb). This resulted in situations like Antigone where leaders would abuse their power and insurgents were required to expose corruption amongst their leaders. Examples in America alone include Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, who assumed the formidable task of fighting for minority rights against fervent oppressors. Today, the value of freedom is held in high regard as governments such as the United States government protect peoples’ rights without asserting too much power. From these patterns in history, people have learned that freedom needs to be dispersed among all people to ensure peace in society.

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