Essay on Native Country 's History And Culture

Essay on Native Country 's History And Culture

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Indigenous Tribes people
There are millions of indigenous people in Colombia who live in different villages around the entire the country. Colombia 's indigenous population lives in rural areas and each of these peoples is distinguished by its own culture and history, social, political, and economic structure. In my own country, Colombia, we have a special group of indigenous people who has lived there for centuries, long before the Spaniards arrived in South America. Yet, this group of people is still being discriminated against by mainstream Colombia society and should be better understood and appreciated and perhaps helped to become more integrated into society. So far, their efforts to belong to the mainstream society have been ignored or even rejected. I have always been interested in exploring the Wayuu people as they are part of my native country’s history and culture.

The Wayuu are an indigenous people who live in the northeastern part of Colombia. The Wayuu people are one of the most influential tribes because they arrived around hundred 50 BC and they moved around through the entire country. In addition, this Indigenous group represents most of the national indigenous population in the country. In the Wayuu community there is a persona who translate their language to Spanish because the tribe has its own traditional language that is called “Wayuunaki”. Their languages makes them essential for the country because this should be consider cultural heritage of humanity. Allowing resolve their conflicts peacefully has been part of the Wayuu tradition during generations, so this is must be emphasized because in Colombia we must learn from this since today we do not have. They are creative, supportive, hospitable, and res...

... middle of paper ... it more interesting. Their contribution to our world culture cannot be calculated but thanks to them there is an enormous cultural diversity we have. Excluding, rejecting, and ignoring Wayuu indigenous does not allow Colombians to appreciate the cultural richness they bring us. They are also part of historical heritage that our ancestors have left us and that they have preserved and transformed through the years. Despite the passage of time and the changes that have suffered remind me where I come from and what our roots are. Then, we better stop to think for a moment what may happen if they were not exist in the history and what can be our culture destiny without them. I believe that, one of our responsibility as society is to combat discrimination against indigenous group. We must give them the same access to job opportunities that are available to most people.

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