Essay on Native American Peoples And The English Settlers

Essay on Native American Peoples And The English Settlers

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The Native American peoples and the English settlers viewed each other differently, and these different interpretations shaped their perspectives on each other’s way of living. The English viewed Native Americans as a lesser because they did not abide to their religion. The differences that separated them were things such as religion, lifestyles, and political structure. Because of their cultural differences, the gender roles varied in each settlement. Also, since Native American’s viewed the English settlers as a source of trade and way of improving social status within their tribe, once their relationship with the settlers became violent the natives could not sustain a normal way of living. The clash of different cultures shaped one another as Native Americans adopted some of the English ways and the English adopted some of the Native American ways.
Religion was a big factor in the way culture was different from Native Americans to the English colonists. From the very beginning the English wanted to convert the Native American’s to Christianity. English settlers were very towards them as they wanted to persuade the natives that this was the best choice for their tribe. For example, in Declaration of the State, Waterhouse explains that, “our God was a good God, much better than theirs, in that he had with so many good things above them endowed us”. Since the time they were born, the English were taught one way and this way was the religion of Christianity. It was their mission to carry out what they’ve been taught and to influence Natives that their God was the only one. At this point in time, the English were desperate and any amount of people to convert to Christianity would benefit the English. Unfamiliar with the land they ...

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...y sophisticated because they would hunt different parts of the forest to keep the resources from being depleted. Captain John Smith notices this in The General History of Virginia, “The woman doe the relt of the work. They make mats, baskets, pots, plant their corne, gather their corn, beare all kind of burdens and fuch like." Having farms close to the village was not normal to the Colonists since they were used to having their crops pretty far away.
Overall, it was inevitable that these cultures were going to clash and as these two cultures blended together they used each other to help get their civilizations ignited. The different lifestyles, influence of religion, and aspects of culture all made an impact on the future civilizations to come. In 1646, English finally made the Native Americans sign a treaty, but sadly wasn’t able to stop the incoming conflicts.

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