Essay on The Narrative Of Caryl Phillips

Essay on The Narrative Of Caryl Phillips

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The narrative of Caryl Phillips, a writer born in St. Kitts, opens the way to the reflection on the literary production that is born in the European and North American metropolis product of the migration. The work of this author speaks of diversity and the crossing of borders. Travel is one of the recurring motives. Novels cross the time and space to describe different faces and listen to the multiples of slaves and their descendants, throughout more than two hundred years of existence of the African Diaspora and its expansion by the confines of Europe and America. The rewriting of History marks the narrative of this author. Based on the reading of three of his works, Cambridge, Higher Ground and Crossing the River, the present work analyzes how space and time boundaries transcend works, how the author manages to compile the puzzle of dissimilar and paradoxically similar experiences of his characters, And thereby recreate the history of the African Diaspora through fiction narrative (Hemmes).
One of the writers that belong to this Diaspora that has crossed the Atlantic and arrived at the distant coasts of the first world is Caryl Phillips. The novels of this author open the way to a reflection on the narrative that is born in the European and North American metropolis. Its creation speaks in itself of the diversity and the crossing of borders. Phillips navigates through several genres: dramaturgy, essay, and narrative. His plays are his first experience in the literary field. His writing on those pieces is full of strength, confusion, and bitterness; Shows racial, gender and generational conflicts; between women and men of the West Indies, between parents and children (King, 2004: 212-213). In these works, however, the themes ...

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...e sensation reappears in the unnamed character in "Coast", the first of Higher Ground stories. The interpreter inhabits an existential limbo. He is a slave without shackles in the world of the masters, and a traitor that works for the whites from the suspicious look of the Africans. Being located in the undetermined space of non-membership brings out the questioning of the behavior of foreigners and natives. In another sequence of the story, it returns to question itself, this time to be despised by the people of a village near the fort where they have gone in search of some young person who satisfies the desires of the trafficker of slaves. The space that the locals put between them and the place where our character rests, the insult and the spit he receives from one of the men of the village, leads the character to meditate on his condition and that of the others.

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